SQLite Forensic Analysis – (Live on-site – Techno Security Conference – Wilmington, NC)

2-day Examiners Course

Course Overview

If you think of database formats encountered during an examination, SQLite databases are most likely top of your list. Froe mobile devices to standard desktops there are thousands of applications that utilize SQLite to store data. At Spyder Forensics we recognize the importance that SQLite database forensics plays in the potential recovery of data that can provide the key actionable intelligence needed for a case.

The question now becomes, are you examining all the data stored in the SQLite Data Files?

This two-day intermediate forensic course gives examiners a deeper understanding of how SQLite works under the hood. On Day 1 we start by deep diving into the main database file, looking at b-tree pages, freelist pages, and overflow pages. Participants will gain an understanding of the page structures and the potential for recovering records from page unallocated space, freeblocks, and freelist pages.

The main focus of Day 2 is the SQLite Journal files and how they can play a key role in uncovering past states of the database. With an understanding of how the Journals files work, participants can exploit the journal files design to potentially recover deleted records including scenarios where secure_delete is in play.

By the end of the course, participants will have a firm grasp of the inner workings of SQLite databases and will have the knowledge they need to competently deal with this popular database format.

What you will receive:

Printed course manual · Student USB  · Access to the Spyder Forensics Academy · Course certificate

Course cost: $1,295
Full Conference pass bundle with course purchase: $1,995 (use code SFTC2023 in the registrations form)

About the Trainer

Damien brings 12 years of eDiscovery & digital forensics experience to Spyder Forensics. He has extensive experience working with fortune 500 companies advising both legal and IT departments on all aspects of eDiscovery. With his technical knowledge and problem-solving skills, Damien is a proven eDiscovery workflow specialist and has helped numerous organizations identify cost savings while optimizing their eDiscovery processes. Before joining Spyder Forensics, Damien was a Managing Consultant at AccessData where he managed eDiscovery and digital forensics projects and provided services to companies in various industries including the Health Care, Energy, and Financial industries. Prior to that, Damien was a Computer Crime Specialist at the National White Collar Crime Center where he conducted digital forensic research and performed software validation studies on digital forensic software.


Jun 01 2023 - Jun 02 2023


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