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Our mission is to educate & assist digital investigators using the latest research information and cutting-edge techniques in order to make them leading experts in their field, so they may complete their mission with confidence & accuracy.

Our Leadership

Rob Attoe

Rob Attoe


As the Founder and CEO of Spyder Forensics, Rob oversees operations, drives business development, and fosters the company’s growth. With a wealth of expertise, he serves as an accomplished instructor, creating course content for the global digital investigations community. These courses are distributed worldwide to state and local law enforcement personnel, ensuring that the curriculum and delivery concepts meet the highest standards in the industry. Rob is not only an author but also a contributor to the development of customized courses designed for digital forensic practitioners and corporate entities. Leading research initiatives, he explores forensic artifacts on diverse digital devices and frequently shares his findings at international conferences.

With a career spanning more than two decades, Rob has accumulated extensive expertise in crafting and delivering training programs on Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Mobile Forensics, and eDiscovery. He has held notable roles, including Vice President of Training at Cellebrite, Senior Vice President of Global Training at Nuix, and Director of Training at AccessData. Rob’s background includes serving as a Computer Crime Specialist at the National White Collar Crime Centre, where he focused on researching and developing curricula for file system analysis and automated forensic tools. Additionally, he contributed his skills as a Forensic Computer Analyst with the UK’s Kent Police.

As a lifetime member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS), Rob consistently assumes instructional roles at the association’s annual conferences. He not only serves as a lead instructor for the Advanced Windows Forensic course but has also taken on team lead responsibilities for multiple courses in their curriculum. Rob is a frequent presenter at esteemed international digital forensics conferences, including events hosted by the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Department of Defense Cyber Crime, F3 Annual Workshops, and the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce. His expertise extends to contributing to digital forensic publications, and he acts as a subject matter expert for various courses within the ATA program managed by the State Department in the USA. Remaining actively involved in the forefront of technology, Rob continuously develops solutions to identify and report on new forensic artifacts associated with emerging technologies, sharing his insights on both open and closed forums.

Damien Attoe

Damien Attoe

Director of Professional Services

Damien Attoe brings almost 10 years of eDiscovery & digital forensics experience to Spyder Forensics. He has extensive experience working with fortune 500 companies advising both legal and IT departments on all aspects of eDiscovery. With his technical knowledge and problem-solving skills, Damien is a proven eDiscovery workflow specialist and has helped numerous organizations identify cost savings while optimizing their eDiscovery processes.

Before joining Spyder Forensics, Damien was a Managing Consultant at AccessData where he managed eDiscovery and digital forensics projects and provided services to companies in various industries including the Health Care, Energy, and Financial industries. Prior to that, Damien was a Computer Crime Specialist at the National White Collar Crime Center where he conducted digital forensic research and performed software validation studies on digital forensic software

Damien graduated Fairmont State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management.

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