Foundations in Digital Forensics – Certification Course (Live Remote Training – CDT) – October 2024

4-day Certification Intermediate Course

Course Overview

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of digital forensics with our comprehensive 4-day certification course, meticulously crafted for investigators and examiners venturing into this dynamic field. Designed to equip participants with fundamental knowledge, this course serves as a stepping stone for understanding and investigating incidents involving electronic devices.

The curriculum commences with immersive discussions on digital forensic examination principles and first responder responsibilities, laying a robust foundation for subsequent exploration. Through industry core principles, students learn the art of forensically collecting and imaging evidence, alongside techniques for utilizing digital fingerprints to ensure data integrity verification.

Participants delve into the intricacies of partitioning structures, disk layouts, and the ramifications of formatting volumes with existing data. In-depth analysis of the FAT File System and its associated metadata sheds light on stored object characteristics within the volume, while meticulous examination of file management and directory structures unveils potential evidence crucial for successful examinations.

Midway through the course, focus shifts to core artifacts of interest in Windows-based examinations, emphasizing user interaction with files and applications through daily use and account ownership analysis. As a certification course, attendees have the opportunity to participate in an optional exam upon course completion, validating their newfound expertise.

Hands-on labs and student exercises offer practical application of acquired knowledge, leveraging a diverse array of open-source and leading forensic applications. Through immersive experiences, participants sharpen their skills in examining key artifacts, fostering a deeper understanding of digital forensics methodologies.

Course cost: $2,495

About the Trainer

A dedicated professional with extensive exposure and experience in all concepts of adult learning. Specializes in the business development, management and delivery of world class training programs for global corporations. An excellent communicator with exceptional interpersonal, organizational, leadership and coaching skills. Detail orientated, organized and capable of motivating both individuals and teams to succeed and deliver on organizational goals. A global leader with over a decade of international business experience.

What is Live Remote Synchronous Training?

Remote Synchronous Training (RST) allows the attendee to participate in a structured training courses remotely, in the comfort of your own office. It eliminates travel costs and provides a fully interactive environment, just like being in the classroom! RST delivery is specifically designed to simulate a live learning environment. Students have two-way communication with the instructor as well as the other students in the class using a typical hardware setup from their remote location. Instructors can monitor and interact with all students at the same time. When needed, instructors can assist students by physically interacting with his/her assigned machine in the Spyder Forensics remote classroom.

Why choose a Remote class?

Content is delivered exactly the same as in our live classes · Full interaction with the trainer and other course attendees · No travel costs and enjoy the class at your preferred location · Receive the same courseware as an in-person class, i.e. page color printed student manual for post class reference, USB with datasets and student files · Use of unique datasets developed by Spyder Forensics covering all artifacts covered in this class and others in our curriculum · Post class access the Spyder Forensics Academy (LMS) for supplementary courseware and online electronic version of the training manual

What you will need:

A computer (Windows or Apple) connected to the internet allowing access to GoToTraining™ for instructor delivery and Splashtop Streamer to interact with the remote classroom PC · A microphone to interact via voice with the class (not required as Chat window is always available) · Speakers to hear the class being delivered · Preferred 2 monitors to open multiple windows (GoToTraining and Splashtop windows)

What you will receive:

Printed course manual · USB – Download access to course files · Access to the Spyder Forensics Academy · Course certificate

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Foundations in Digital Forensics - Certification Course (Live Remote Training - CDT) - October 2024 2495

Foundations in Digital Forensics - Certification Course (Live Remote Training - CDT) - October 2024

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