Advanced (UAV) Drone Forensic Analysis (South Carolina)

3-day Advanced Level Course

Course Overview

This three-day course will equip you with the practical skills to identify and extract multiple sources of data from drones and their associated controlling devices, in line with recognized best practice.

The Spyder Forensics Drone course will teach investigators and forensic examiners workflows and best practices in the recovery and analysis of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) – Drones. Delegates of the course will learn new skills in capturing data from the aircraft, it’s controller and mobile application in a none invasive or destructive process.

Combining leading research from Spyder Forensics and recognized international universities, this course will equip you with the skills necessary to forensically conduct extractions from all elements of UAV system devices and perform analysis of flight data for use as intelligence or as evidence to support the conviction of illegal use.

Primary Learning Objectives 

  • Drone threat analysis
  • Discuss uses in legitimate usage and criminal activities
  • Extraction methods of all storage media (nondestructive or invasive techniques)
  • Recognize types of data available from drones, their linked devices, and third-party sources
  • Conduct forensic extractions of data from the leading drone devices
  • Analyze extracted data effectively to produce reports fit for use in criminal justice proceedings
  • Learn how to produce a forensic report to support examination of UAV


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About the Trainer

Rob has almost 2 decades of experience developing and presenting training on Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Mobile Forensics and eDiscovery education programmes for the global digital investigations community. As a long term member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS), Rob instructs regularly at the association’s annual conferences and is a lead instructor for the Advanced Windows Forensic course as well as regularly presenting at the premier international digital forensics conferences such as High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Department of Defence Cyber Crime, F3 Annual Workshops and Internet Crimes against Children taskforce. Rob has contributed to digital forensic publications and is a subject matter expert to various course for the ATA program managed by the State Department in the USA. Rob continually develops solutions to identify and report on new forensic artifacts on emerging technologies which he shares on open and closed forums.

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Sep 09 2020 - Sep 12 2020


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