Host Based Network Forensics – (Live on-site, London, UK)- February 2025

5-day Advanced Level Course

Course Overview

he Network Intrusion Forensic Analysis course is an expert-level, week-long training designed for examiners familiar with digital forensics principles, aiming to expand their expertise in advanced network exploitation forensics using various third-party tools.

The course provides participants with unbiased knowledge and skills essential for analyzing artifacts resulting from network intrusion activities. This involves using standard tools and open-source applications to delve deeper into data, understanding how applications function and store information during network intrusions.

Attendees will acquire proficiency in using diverse applications and utilities to identify, process, comprehend, and document crucial forensic artifacts vital for network intrusion forensic investigations. The course covers the steps and processes hackers employ to compromise a network, teaching participants to capture and analyze network traffic, triage live systems, and scrutinize memory captures to identify potential malware and threat artifacts. Additionally, attendees will learn to locate and analyze Windows artifacts, revealing pertinent information for network intrusion investigations.

Throughout the course, students will utilize various open-source and leading forensic applications to examine key artifacts, engaging in extensive hands-on labs and student exercises.

The primary learning points include:

  • Introduction to Networking Concepts
  • Overview of Network Intrusion Investigations
  • Capturing and Analyzing Network Traffic
  • Memory Capture and Analysis
  • Windows Evidence Analysis


The course will follow adult learning principles through training aids such as presentations, diagrams, and practical instructor-led lead examples.  Each artifact covered will be presented in either one or two 50-minute sessions followed by review questions.  Students will be given the opportunity throughout the course to ask questions and discuss objectives covered in more detail.  Throughout each day students will have practical exercises to work on in order to reinforce the topics.

To get the most out of this class, you should:
  • Have 12 months of experience in forensic examinations
  • Attended Spyder Forensics Foundations training or similar program
  • Be familiar with Windows Operating systems.


You will receive a student manual, lab exercises and other class-related material.

Course Price: £2,495 +VAT
Anna Truss is a highly skilled and respected professional in the field of digital forensics. With extensive experience as a forensic practitioner and trainer, Anna has made significant contributions to the examination and analysis of digital data. Anna has over 2 decades of IT experience and over 15 years of experience in digital forensics and cybersecurity. Anna is a lead developer for Spyder Forensics as well as master instructor in several courses. Anna’s meticulous approach to digital forensics allows her to uncover crucial evidence that can be instrumental in criminal investigations, fraud cases, and cybersecurity incidents. She possesses a deep understanding of forensic tools and methodologies, staying abreast of the latest advancements in technology and digital forensic practices. In addition to her work as an examiner, Anna is also a dedicated trainer, sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring forensic professionals. Through workshops, seminars, and training programs, she imparts valuable skills in digital investigation, evidence preservation, and the interpretation of digital artifacts. Anna is a volunteer and trainer for IACIS, where she is a chair/developer/trainer for the Applied Scripting Forensics Techniques course and a developer/trainer for the Mobile Device Forensics course. She also teaches cyber security, web development and scripting courses at several colleges in the USA and serves as a senior course developer and trainer for Spyder Forensics. Anna Truss’s commitment to her field, her unwavering attention to detail, and her passion for training others make her a prominent figure in the realm of digital forensics. Her contributions continue to have a significant impact on the field, enhancing the capabilities of investigators and ensuring justice in the digital age.
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Host Based network Forensics - Reston, VA - Sept 2024 £2495 +VAT

Host Based network Forensics - Reston, VA - Sept 2024

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Feb 10 2025 - Feb 14 2025


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