Crypto Forensic Investigator I (Lisbon, Portugal)

4-day Certification Course

Course Overview

This Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigator Course is a hands-on practical 4-day instructor-led certification course designed for digital forensic professionals who want to gain cryptocurrency and blockchain forensic investigation and seizing skills. You will practice how to search, collect, and analyze evidence from devices and applications. You will gain valuable knowledge and a high level of competence through “doing” instead of just watching.

Through a rigorous program of exercises, you will become fully practiced and confident in your ability to identify, recover, seize, and restrain cryptocurrencies quickly, securely and properly. You will practice how to efficiently use the most common hardware, desktop, mobile, and web wallets to find, collect, and analyze evidence related to cryptocurrency.

Participants will gain critical experience in Cold Storage, and the proper transfer of cryptocurrency from a suspect’s wallet to an agency owned wallet during the execution of a search warrant.

You will gain experience in establishing an agency wallet, identifying evidence of cryptocurrency on devices using advanced search and forensic techniques, identifying paper wallets, finding hidden or obscure cold storage hiding places, and discovering hidden seeds. After that, participants will go through a rigorous program of exercises and practice the proper seizure, transfer, and storage of cryptocurrency funds.

Participants will know how to secure the storage of cryptocurrency to prevent, avoid bad seized cryptocurrency transfers, and recover from a bad seized currency transfer if that happens.

This course will cover recovery, seizing, identification, preparation, collection, examination, analysis, and presentation to ensure you are ready for your next forensic crypto case.

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Dark Web Investigator (Lisbon, Portugal) - 22nd ~ 25th June, 2020 3299

Dark Web Investigator (Lisbon, Portugal) - 22nd ~ 25th June, 2020

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Jun 22 2020 - Jun 25 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
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